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Namibia: Improving the Education System -

Nathaniel K. MbaevaWindhoek

The constitutional duty of the authorities through the Ministry of Education is to supply free and mandatory instruction up to the age of 16 (Article 20 (3)).

In pattern the authorities supplies free and mandatory instruction up to Class 10 level. Although instruction is presumed to be free throughout the school system, costs are however indirectly recovered through school fees which differ from state school to state school.

Presently authorities supplies free instruction to the followers groupings of scholars who make not fall within the bounds of this duty to give drift to Article 20 (1) of the fundamental law which says that "all people shall have got the right to education":

- Those who turned 16 while in primary schools and transferred to junior secondary schools.

- Those in classes 11 and twelve.

To fulfil this duty authorities do immense investings while the end product thereof is dismal.

Societal compulsion with a pure academic Class 12 certificate

Since the colonial era, society attaches great value to a pure academic Class 12 certification although this certification makes not authorise the holder thereof with the necessary accomplishments to for illustration come in the occupation market. Any effort to reform our system of instruction should in my sentiment first demystify this perception. Prospective employers including the authorities should not utilize a pure academic Class 12 as the basic makings for employment intents but rather set accent on accomplishments and attributes.

Anyway, Class 12 is only used for initial showing of appliers by employers. Nowadays, some employers even utilize Class 12 to test appliers for places such as as cleaners.

In the meantime, employers pass a batch of money on in-service training. Societal compulsion with a pure academic Class 12 certification is in my sentiment the major conducive factor to the mass of unskilled young person that our school system produces.

Quality Primary Education

Government focusing should be on primary education. If the foundation is solid the opportunities that future acquisition and preparation will be effectual is good. The accent should be on the attainment of literacy and numerical skills.

It is of import at this phase to prove and monitoring device learners' aptitudes and attributes. This volition enable schools to mention scholars with artistic abilities to the college of the arts, scholars with technical properties to technical preparation centres, scholars with exceeding academic abilities to high schools, etc.

The present seven old age of primary instruction is in my sentiment inadequate and should be extended to nine old age followed by three old age of secondary instruction or preparation in a specific trade depending on the learner's aptitude, property and public presentation in primary school.

The awful film editing point at Class 10 [JSC] must be abolished. School inspectors and subject advisors should supervise the public presentation of schools especially those in the distant rural countries and those in poorness stricken countries closely to guarantee that all schools are at the same degree in footing of quality.

Government should do it a point to construct more than primary schools. No cost recovery whether directly or indirectly should be permitted at this phase of schooling. Education at this phase should be free and mandatory in the existent sense of the word.

Repetition at this phase should be allowed up to the age of 18 upon which scholars volition be referred toe Community Skills Development Centres (Cosdecs) for preparation in specific accomplishments that will do them employable.

Learners who successfully complete primary school will have a certificate, the Primary School Certificate, indicating whether the scholar is capable of academic preparation or preparation in a specific trade.


Secondary instruction should be divided into two: trade schools and academic schools and should be three old age leading to a secondary school trade certification or an academic secondary school certificate.

Relevant Links

Depending on his or her public presentation at primary school a scholar will either travel to a trade school or an academic school. There will be some word form of cost recovery for secondary education.

Trade Schools

Some of the existent secondary schools will go trade schools offering a assortment of courses. The private sector should step in to guarantee that the courses of study offered are in line with their expectations.

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How To Become An Online MBA Course Graduate

Have you had person state you that just received their certified MBA? Are you now wondering how this individual was able to finish their instruction while holding down a job? If you asked you would probably happen that your friend graduated from an online course of study as this is a manner that many people are able to acquire their grade and better their life, all without stepping ft into a classroom.

Making An Online Program Work for You

You may have got been putting off that Maestro of Business Administration for old age because you didn't believe that you had clip for the top concern schools in your area. Now, you don't necessitate to have got hours on end where you can sit down in a schoolroom each week. Instead, you necessitate to carve a couple hours out of your week, when it is convenient for you, and complete your course of study work. In many cases you may be able to finish the work in the center of the nighttime or early in the morning, whenever it is convenient for you.

Wondering how you can go an online Master in Business course of study graduate? You simply necessitate to make a spot of research. There are many different resources out there today that are offering online courses of study for you to take from, you simply necessitate to look into all of the options and happen the 1 that is most fitting for you. You necessitate to take some attention in choosing the right option as there are sheepskin Mills out there that volition simply take your money and give you a sheepskin that have no existent merit. You desire to do certain that you are going to acquire what you necessitate to acquire additional in your career, which is an Master in Business that agency something!

When you happen the right online Master in Business course of study you simply necessitate to look at all of the demands and then lodge to the plan. You may necessitate to use for the course of study and you may or may not acquire in on the first spell around. When you do acquire in, you necessitate to make certain that you give it your all. You only desire to have got to travel through the procedure once, and if you make well and lodge to the plan, you will then be a course of study graduate! It will have got the same significance and benefits of being a alumnus from a university where you actually went and sat in a classroom, so do it work for you!

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Numerology - Life Challenge Number

In Numerology, numerologists utilize 3 person Numbers to stand for the life challenges. These Numbers readings stand for the obstacles, hurdling and troubles that you will confront during certain forms of your life.

The First Number is the Early Challenge Number. It stands for the troubles you may confront in the first 28 old age of your life.

The Second Number is the Center Challenge Number. It stands for the troubles may confront in the 2nd 28 old age of your life.

The Third Number is the Main Challenge Number. It stresses the troubles that you may confront in the latter portion of your life. The Main Challenge Number also stands for the chronic obstructions that you confront your full life.

The Main Challenge Number is said to be the most dominant of all the Challenge Numbers. It takes precedence over the other 2 Numbers because it stands for obstructions that may come up from within you. It is known as "the devil" that you may happen yourself fighting with your full life. It is that inquiry that burnt interior you that you trust you will have got answered before you die.

The Early Challenge Number is less influential. It may stand for jobs that are more than situational or episodic problems. It bespeaks jobs that tin be owed to fortune or your parents. These jobs usually looks as the kid maturates and comes in the Center Old Age of their Life Cycle.

The Center Challenge Number also a figure that depends on the state of affairs and usually stands for the adversity of the people around you. It can also stand for behavioural jobs and jobs that are beyond your control.

Now to cipher your Challenge Numbers, first you cut down your day, calendar month and year; your Life Way Number, down to a single digit. To cipher Your Challenge Number correctly you must cut down all Numbers to a single digit, even maestro figure 11 & 22.

For Example my Birthday is 4-14-1973

Month: 4

Day: 1+5=6

Year: 1+9+7+3-20 2+0=2

Calculating your Challenge Numbers is different then any others in Numerology, in this computation you bash NOT desire to number you day, month, and twelvemonth numbers. You desire to handle them eash as their ain number.

To cipher your Early Life Challenge Number deduct your calendar calendar month figure & your twenty-four hours from each other, the difference is your Early Challenge Number.

In my case, my month is 4 and my twenty-four hours is 6


My Early Challenge Number would be a 2.

Next your are going to cipher your Center Challenge Number, to make this happen the difference between your twenty-four hours & twelvemonth numbers.

In my case, my twenty-four hours is 6 and my twelvemonth is 2


My Center Challenge Number would be a 4.

Don't believe you did something incorrect if you acquire a 0 as your consequence for this calculation. In this peculiar computation is rare but it is possible. There is an reading for this rare number.

And finally to acquire you Main Challenge Number you are going to deduct your Early Life Challenge Number from your Center Life Challenge Number.

So mine would be, 4-2=2

My Main Life Challenge Number would be a 2.

If you stop up with the same figure more then once, as in my case, it could intend that it have doubly the impact in your life.

If you Early Challenge Number and your Center Challenge Number are the same then it could intend that your childhood jobs may predominate all of your years. It may also intend that some of the jobs you have got faced were beyond your control.

If your Center Challenge Number is the same as your Main Challenge Number it could intend that most of your jobs were made as an adult. When you read the reading of that figure well give you hints as to when you are your ain worst enemy.

If all three Numbers are the same then it is safe to state that your stars are trying to do you larn a lesson in life by causing jobs to originate where ever you go.

Here are the readings for your Life Challenge Numbers. The same readings are used for Early, Center & Main Life Challenge Numbers.

Life Challenge Number 0

People with a challenge Number 0 may experience in general like
they are being confronted with troubles that look to be
grim and coming from all directions. Usually people who
are nothings are very sophisticated spiritually and thought to
possess the abilities of all the other numbers. However they
have got job devising unequivocal determinations and sticking with
them. In early life this tin apparent as a hard or
insulting childhood. In grownup life you may defeat great
obstructions to succeed.

Life Challenge Number 1

People with a life challenge Number 1 may experience as if every
dreaming and aspiration that they have got is being thwarted by unfair
circumstances. Bitterness, defensiveness and blaming others
may be a chronic problem. Usually this is owed to being too aggressive or aggressive. Even if
you are not undependable or unpredictable, others may percieve
you as so. A gentler touching plus a well focused, methodical plan
can assist you accomplish your aims. You self-sabotage side plunging
ahead blindly.

Life Number Challenge Number 2

The challenges presented for a figure two are oversensitivity
and a inclination towards self-centeredness. It may be difficult
for you to recognize that you are not the centre of the
universe. In your early old age your deficiency of ambition, status
consciousness and demand for blessing from others may do you
to have got a mediocre ego image. In grownup life twoes are very prone
to codependency, dependence and troubled human relationships if they
cannot larn to allow travel of their bitternesses and blame.

Life Challenge Number 3

This stands for a time period in your life when you might happen it
hard to concentrate either because of emotional or psychological
perturbations or because of boredom. Your attendings may be
scattered and you might also endure from shyness. You may
have got got a great imaginativeness or endowment but have difficulty
expressing it. In childhood this tin consequence in frustration
and introversion. In your grownup old age you may come up off as too
chesty or bizarre to be taken seriously by anyone.

Life Challenge Number 4

This figure often proposes a trouble with finding
employment or a appreciated the career. You just may not feel
like working or endure from a upset or disablement that
forestalls you from working. In your early old age your
chances to larn may have got been truncated by physical or
fiscal circumstances. In maturity you may go an
irresponsible or impractical person who can't be trusted.

Life Challenge Number 5

This figure usually defines a fictional character that is unreasonable,
indecisive and easily irritated. You have got an unprompted nature
and often run into problem because you are not able to see the
effects of your actions beforehand. In your early old age this may ensue in an uncomplete instruction or a figure of
false starts in career. As grownup your challenges attest as
an inability to do determinations are acting in an overly
emotional as opposing to logical way.

Life Challenge Number 6

You may be a perfectionist and set criteria for yourself and
others that are impossible to meet. You may come up off as very
arrogant, controlling and demanding to others. As a child
you may have got seriously butted horns with respective authority
figures. As an grownup you may have got many unsettling
human relationships because of your refusal to acknowledge that
others are entitle to their point of view. Your rigidity
could take to a upset such as as obsessive compulsiveness.

Life Challenge Number 7

This figure have a great trade of problem dealing with
emotions. During this clip in your life you may experience as if
you have got to repress your feelings in order to survive. As a
kid this tin Pb to introversion, obsessivity and a
complete retreat from reality. As an grownup you may suffer
from chronically negative ideas and show them through
changeless complaining or unfavorable judgment of others. Many fantan are
hypochondriacs or apparent disease as a consequence of suppressed
choler or grief.

Life Challenge Number 8

A figure 8 challenge bespeaks a sort of superficiality and
greed. You might define yourself and others by appearance,
ownerships and by the amount of money that they have. As a
kid you may have got been clever, manipulative and repetitive on
having your ain way. As an grownup you might value the pursuit
of money, powerfulness and position to the exclusion of all other
things. This tin cost you dearly in footing of relationships,
household and friends.