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Bioplasma Bodies - Formation of Plasma Vortexes and Nodes Along the Spine (Absorptive State)

Formation of Polar Vortexes

It was noted in the author's article Bioplasma Bodies: Formation of the Central Pranic and Kundalini Currents that the helical electric currents bring forth an axial magnetic field which is aligned with the spine. This axial magnetic field is really the "straight" portion of a dipole magnetic field. For convenience, we will denominate the location of the "North" pole of this magnetic field to above the human caput and the "South" pole below the groin. The magnetic flux lines of this magnetic field will flame up outwards at the North pole, circle the bioplasma organic structure and come in the South pole. Within the bioplasma body, the field lines from the South pole will travel upwards towards the North pole. The portion of the magnetic field that is within the bioplasma organic structure is fairly consecutive and uniform. The polar whirls are plasma whirls that word form around the North and South poles. The North polar whirl of a individual who is standing would be facing the sky and the South polar whirl would be facing the ground.

Absorption of Superintendent particles

Charged atoms in an ionized environment have got a inclination to follow magnetic field lines. If the way of the atom is at an angle, i.e. neither parallel nor perpendicular to the magnetic field lines, the atom will spiral around the magnetic field lines using a helical path. If the particle's way is parallel (i.e. Zero degrees) to the magnetic field line it will travel along the magnetic field line like twine of beads on a string. If the particle's way is perpendicular (i.e. Ninety degrees) to the field line it will circumambulate around the field lines. Most particles, however, would come up in at an angle between 0 and 90 grades and hence would follow a helical path. When the atoms dip they collide with other atoms in the ovoid (the "atmosphere" of the bioplasma body), generating a visible light phenomenon similar to the dawns in the ambiance at Earth's magnetic poles.

As the magnetic field denseness increases, the radius of the spiral or the "gyro radius" cut downs and the speed lessenings (due to the loss in kinetic energy), in conformity with the expression Roentgen = mv/Bq that shows that R, the gyro radius, is relative to the speed 'v' and inversely relative to the strength of the B-field. This procedure volition bring forth a helical way that will have got a cone form when viewed from the side, with the vertex of the cone meeting the surface of the bioplasma body. Dynamically, this tin be described as a vortex. Since there are many atoms streaming down into the bioplasma body, taking slightly different trajectories, littler whirls can also look within a big vortex. Experimental metaphysicist Barbara Brennan have observed that within each chakra there are also little rotating whirls whirling at very high rates. Impact of Superintendent atoms on Surface of Bioplasma Body

When the atom attains the bioplasma body, which is much denser than the remainder of the ovoid, it impacts the surface of the organic structure at supersonic speeds, producing 3-dimensional daze moving ridges which bring forth Ernst Mach cones. The impact bring forths round moving ridge presences that radiate out from the point of impact (forming a "wave train") and also consecutive lines from the centre to the perimeter (like radiuses on a wheel). This is similar to what haps when a meteoroid knocks into the surface of the Moon causing impact volcanic craters which demo similar features. It will exhibit round moving ridge presences (which bring forth concentric round mountain ranges) and bright runs of stuffs (often called "rays") which radiate out from the centre. These impact characteristics are also seen when a slug hits the windshield of a car. After impact, the atom is absorbed into the bioplasma body.

These impact characteristics are consistent with characteristics observed by experimental metaphysicist Prince Charles Leadbeater. Based on a scenario where the way of the atom is perpendicular to the surface of the bioplasma organic structure (i.e. analogue to the magnetic field line), Leadbeater explicates that the round moving ridge presences are caused by secondary forces, as follows: "This Godhead energy, which pours into each centre from without, put up at right angles to itself secondary military units in undulatory round motion…" This places the concentric round moving ridges that radiate out on impact which are at right angles to the flight of the incoming particle. He also places the orthogonal statistical distribution of radiation energy from the Centre as follows: "The primary military unit itself, having entered the vortex, radiates from it again at right angles, but in consecutive lines, as though the centre of the whirl was [sic] the hub of a wheel, and the radiations of the primary military unit its spokes."

Bioplasma organic structures are composed of complex plasma, also called dust-covered plasma, which dwells of not only negative and positive particles, but also macroscopical dust particles. Scientific research workers establish that Ernst Mach cones were produced when a atom was fired at dust-covered plasma at supersonic speeds. According to A Piel, longitudinal moving ridges word form round wave-fronts with an orthogonal statistical distribution of radiation energy in plasma crystals. Both these features, round wave-fronts and radiuses radiating out orthogonally from the centre, together with the daze moving ridge that bring forths the Ernst Mach cone, are consistent with Leadbeater's observations.

Formation of Lateral Pass Vortexes

Development of Other Magnetic W. C. Fields in the Perpendicular Direction

The current flowings of pranic atoms within the cardinal perpendicular subdivision of the bioplasma organic structure are not entirely in one direction. Both kundalini and pranic atoms can come in via the North and South poles. Hence, pranic atoms can flux from the North pole to the South and also in the contrary direction. However, the current in the contrary way will be weaker owed to the preponderance of pranic atoms in the North which bring forth repulsive forces. This agency that the magnetic field generated by this contrary current volition also be weaker than the magnetic field generated by the stronger current, flowing from the North pole to the South.

According to Biot-Savart law, two electric currents flowing in opposite ways will drive each other. Imagine two consecutive currents, flowing in opposite directions, emanating from the land and extending upwards to a tallness of 1 meter, perpendicular to the ground. If you were looking down at it, you would see that the two cringles of magnetic field lines actually constitute a dipole magnetic field perpendicular to the way of the currents. Similarly, littler magnetic fields, perpendicular to the cardinal axial current and magnetic field, will develop. The axis of these magnetic Fields will unify with the cardinal axial magnetic field, forming nodes along the axis of the cardinal axial magnetic field.

If the North pole of this littler dipole magnetic field is on the presence side of the bioplasma body, the South pole will be on the dorsum side. A double-vortex system will eventually germinate when particles, taking helical paths, plunge-in astatine the North and South poles on the two wide sides of the bioplasma body. They will be transported in a flux tubing after soaking up to the node along the cardinal perpendicular axial current.

The magnetic field lines will flame up out of the North pole on the presence wide side of the body, curved shape outwards and come in the South pole on the dorsum side of the body. Hence, there will be field lines and field aligned electric currents circling the organic structure in a airplane perpendicular to the cardinal perpendicular axial magnetic field and current. These lines would be correspondent to the lines of latitude on a World of the Earth.

Basket-like Network of Currents

We cognize that field lines emerge out of the North pole, curved shape downwards, and come in the South pole in a simple barroom magnet. Inside the magnet, however, the field lines move upwards from the South pole to fall in the North pole. Hence, if there are field-aligned currents, the electric currents inside the magnet (in this case, inside the bioplasma body) will be opposite in way to the field lines outside the magnet (in this case, outside the bioplasma organic structure but still inside the ovoid). The lines from the cardinal perpendicular magnetic field would flame up out from the North pole, curved shape downwards and link to the South pole. These lines would be correspondent to the lines of meridian on a World of the Earth.

With the criss-crossing of the correspondent horizontal lines of latitude and perpendicular lines of longitude, the bioplasma organic structure will possess a basket-like network of currents. This constellation of electric electric currents have been confirmed by experimental metaphysicist Barbara Brennan who notes, "The chief perpendicular powerfulness current brings on other currents at right angles to it to constitute aureate streamers that widen directly from the body. These in bend bring on other electric currents that circle around the field, so that the full auric field and all the degrees below it are surrounded and held within a basket-like network."

Formation of Vortexes affiliated to Central Vertical Currents

Super atoms with a nett magnetic mutual opposition dip into the ovoid, taking mainly coiling paths. On impact with the surface of the bioplasma body, they bring forth impact features, similar to what have been described for the polar chakras, above.

On entry into the body, after impact, the atoms transmigrate to the node along the cardinal perpendicular pranic currents, generating over time, a flux tubing between the point of impact and the node. This is consistent with experimental metaphysicists Leadbeater's observations, who noted, "Though the oral cavity of the flower-like bell of the chakra is on the surface of the etheric body, the root of the trumpet-like blossom always springtime from a centre in the spinal anesthesia cord." The "flower-like bell" is the whirl (with its vertex situated on the surface of the bioplasma organic structure at the point of impact and its wide end facing the environment) and the "stem" is the flux tubing connecting the point of impact on the surface of the bioplasma organic structure to the node along the cardinal perpendicular pranic currents. This constellation is confirmed by Brennan who notes, 'Their tips point into the chief perpendicular powerfulness current and their unfastened ends widen to the border of each layer of the field they are located in.'

Chakra System

Based on the above analysis the "chakra system" have four components:

a. The whirl generated by the atoms taking helical paths. This bring forths the cone structure;
b. The impact basin which is produced by the atom when it impacts the surface of the (relatively) heavy bioplasma body. c. The flux tubing (or "stem") that links the impact basin to the node. d. The node along the cardinal perpendicular currents.

Actual Observations

Many of the diagrams in the metaphysical literature are idealised and highly symmetrical to help understanding. Actual observations may not uncover such as "perfect" configurations.

Superposition of Whirl on Ernst Mach Cone

Two characteristics have got been discussed above. Firstly, the formation of helical flights by ace atoms which bring forths a vortex, prior to reaching the surface of the bioplasma body, and secondly, the impact characteristics on the surface of the organic structure that are generated when the ace atom impacts the surface of the bioplasma body. Experimental metaphysicists who detect chakras from the presence side of the organic structure will detect a complicated form with the helical form superimposed on the impact features. It will be like seeing a form at the underside of a pool through a whirl on the surface of the water. Hence, the mental images from this position may be crumbled and radially distorted.

Warped Magnetic Field Lines

Magnetic field lines trapped within the bioplasma may be dragged or twined owed to assorted military units within the bioplasma. The usual diagrams in the metaphysical literature of constructions within the elusive bioplasma organic structure are idealised and show much more than symmetricalness than would be actually observed in an norm person. The existent field lines and field-aligned electric currents (known generally as Meridians or nadis in the metaphysical literature and Birkeland currents in plasma metaphysics) may frequently be warped and filamentary.

Skewed Impact Basins

The symmetricalness of an impact volcanic crater depends on the angle of impact of the missile that defined it. Craters produced by an impact that is normal to the surface be given to be radially symmetric. However, most impact volcanic volcanic craters are produced by missiles with flights that are oblique to the surface and bring forth craters which are not radially symmetric. Since ace atoms have got the peak chance of impacting the surface of the bioplasma organic structure between 0 and 90 degrees, the impact basins on the surface of the bioplasma organic structure would generally be somewhat skewed and only in rare occasions be radially symmetric.

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Psychics Exposed to Violent Crime

Private minutes of utmost grief, horror, and fury are common emotional responses that psychics experience who work in the fact-finding Fields of criminology. Many psychics see their apprehension of the life and decease procedure as a agency to get by with hideous inside information of torment and death. The aged seasoned psychical who have a long history of working with law enforcement may look to be less vulnerable to the emotional and centripetal facets of law-breaking than their little counterparts, yet they are not immune.

Eventually the coping chemical mechanism that the psychical have created to shrug off the graphic scenes of horror, outlandishness and magnitude of decease experiences ware down, leaving an unerasable feeling upon the psyche. Emphasis and importance is placed upon the penetrations and truth of the psychical rather than then the psychical as an emotional human being. Populace sentiment subscribe to the thought that psychical people are not affected by emotional trauma.

Psychic people who are exposed to violent law-breaking are at hazard of agony from mental wellness jobs in the days, months, and even old age following their assignments. Unfortunately, widespread personal effects will go on to be unreported for the followers reason. The scientific discipline community have yet to mensurate the e.s.p. function. Until it is successfully measured, we have got no cogent evidence of its existence. Without scientific support, the psychological, social, and wellness personal effects of psychics workings in criminal probe will not be assessed nor even addressed.

If you are a psychical professional working in the field of criminal probe for law enforcement for federal or the private sector, it is of import to acknowledge when to acquire out of that never ending procession line of, "we necessitate your help". Know when it is clip to assist you. Some of the symptoms you may undergo include (1) perennial flashbacks of former psychical assignments; (2) anxiety, panic; (3) choler and rage; (4) insomnia; (5) callused, and closed down behavior.

Restructuring the foundation of your work may not be an easy undertaking but it can be done. There are procedures that you may wish to research to let go of the imprints of your experiences. Option medical specialty may assist for contiguous alleviation of symptoms but it is more than likely that you necessitate to develop new ways to react to your state of affairs and do options for the alterations you desire to make in your life.

Knowledge and consciousness are the marks that tin Pb you to the right resources. You necessitate not follow the way of your predecessors and unrecorded your life in service of your ability. You have got the pick to dwell your life with your ability in service for you. Use it to mend yourself, make the ideal lifestyle, or make abundance.

The strength of your psychical mathematical function will act upon all your choices. Knowing who you really are and what your life is really about volition heighten your choices. Fulfillment, success, and joyousness are yours to carry through in this life. Bash it for yourself, you habit be sorry!

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Comments on Frequency and The Bio System

Not long ago a immense argument of epic poem proportionalities erupted at the Online Think Tank as to the dangers of frequence pollution and the absolute advantages on the human bio-system. Well, here is how the conversation went:

What are your ideas of yoke musculus memory with vibrational sound energy or music assists? Any thoughts, some Martial people pattern to classical music, make you make this? What is your work out scheme in this regard?

I have got been known to work out to my favourite songs while practicing Martial arts, I happen it easier to remain focused and larn new moves and registry those techniques. I believe that music assists in learning in many countries of human endeavor, what else have got you considered?

My ideas are after reading a book by Alice Paul Moyer interviewing some 25 superstars of humanity, it looks that music looks to assist human heads grip higher mathematics more easily. It also looks judging from Think Tankers that those who have got musical backgrounds to some grade are better at maths than many others are. If we look at the 100 top people of our Century, I see a similarity of sorts. This subject have got research document to endorse it up, what have you considered beyond such as research?

Well here is a thought, about some of the drawbacks and one engineering that could be debatable perhaps a possible cause for the additions in autism? The more than powerful 3D untra-sounds now being used look to be something I am concerned about with pre-born humans. Frequency pollution will be an issue in the hereafter as much or more than than air pollution from particles, is something that I am looking at. Vibrational energy disrupted at the cell degree is an issue, even high frequence low pressure powerfulness can be an issue and the canceling personal effects too.

Human promotions and playing around without knowing is a problem, that makes not intend we should not larn and seek or do efforts at forward progression leapings in technology, but it intends we necessitate to utilize utmost cautiousness as well. The inquiry of "would we change if we knew" is of involvement and with all engineering there is a hazard and sometimes the hazards look to outweigh the additions - for instance; cars and 40,000 who decease each twelvemonth on America's highways.

Indeed, I have got pondered this very point many times; I believe the Swiss Cell Telephone research and burying of the determinations and modifying the reply is telling - too, now that 3G Radio is less power, maybe the Microwave cookery of the encephalons is not an issue anymore, but it will be for person with 1,000 proceedings per calendar month perhaps?

Just because this or that other thing haps in rats makes not intend it will in all lawsuits go on with world and just because it doesn't ache rats makes not intend it is not an issue to humans. The sum possibility and electric switches in all the DNA, including what we name "Junk DNA" is there still and can be turned off and on. Desire Gils to swim underwater, we have got debris deoxyribonucleic acid to make it happen, how bad do you desire it to be so? How much are you willing to pass in research, it is all possible, and so here we travel into the future.

Autism looks to be very prevailing indeed and unfortunately for many households this load is increasing at an alarming rate. Could it be portion of a human encephalon development or combination, if so maybe we should handle these children with a much different scenario, and supply them with proper encephalon forming nutrients and let the slower procedure to travel its course of study while protecting them.

Perhaps we should contrive machines for their parents and friends to direct encephalon moving ridges and accumulate them so everyone can pass on together. We have got these engineerings now, it may not be the autistic children that demand the assistance, rather the remainder of us necessitate aid in communicating with them; while assisting in getting them what they necessitate to let their organic encephalons to work their way. Thinking out loud on this, because I have got got given a considerable amount of idea to this subject, as some of these children have abilities that are pretty evident and they make not larn the same way.

What are your ideas on the up-to-the-minute research proving that certain vibrational frequence and music can toss deoxyribonucleic acid electric switches in plants? That is a important determination indeed, what makes this mean value for a kid on blame Music or a the adjacent Albert Einstein hearing to Classical in pre-school. Ah, the subject of vibrational frequence and the human bio-system runs deep. Sincerely, Lance.

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Acupuncture For MDs - Programs of Study

Today, there are advanced educational programmes and continuing instruction courses of study in stylostixis for MDs. A assortment of practicing docs may take to inscribe in any figure of these stylostixis for MDs preparation courses of study to additional the range of available healthcare services or to simply heighten treatment options to patients.

Medical healthcare givers and chiropractic doctors who take part in specialised preparation (in stylostixis for MDs) get a solid foundation of medical stylostixis skills. In addition, stylostixis for MDs course of study is specifically designed to compound both Eastern and Horse Opera medical specialty and healthcare rules to break measure and handle patients both conventionally and complementary.

Potential campaigners will have got got already earned a doctor's grade degree degree from an accredited medical university or school, and have the chance to larn classical Chinese medical specialty techniques and methods through intensive training. Acupuncture for MDs programmes stress Neuro-anatomical relationships to hurting and the applicable impacts of acupuncture.

Further surveys in stylostixis for MDs courses of study imply direction to fold the spread between the scientific discipline of stylostixis and its practical application. Physicians, chiropractors and other accredited healthcare practicians who have got successfully completed preparation in stylostixis for MDs programme will be able to effectively incorporate therapies, diagnosing and other connected stylostixis techniques and theories into clinical practices. For example, Acupuncture for MDs programmes can be good to doctors that offering healthcare services in hurting management, orthopedic conditions, rehabilitation and physical therapy, and other chronic wellness upsets and diseases.

Depending on the stylostixis school or college in which people take to participate, a figure of stylostixis for MDs courses of study can be taken online as portion of an overall continuing instruction or forte program. In addition, stylostixis for MDs curricula is course-intensive; often requiring requirements of a medical licence and grade copies from an accredited university or other post-graduate institute. Programs in this field of survey frequently transcend over 500 hours of schoolroom and clinical training.

If you (or person you know) are interested in determination preparation in stylostixis for MDs, allow professional preparation within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, Asian medicine, Reiki, and others acquire you started! Research calling school programmes near you.

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Belly Dancing, Neurons in the Stomach and An Advantage Not Yet Explained

Many biological science pupils are aware that the human tummy have nerve cells in it. Neurons are establish in assorted parts of the human body. Some property the intestine inherent aptitude felling that many of us acquire to this fact. Recently, our Online Think Tank corresponded with a Canadian Abdomen Dancer and asked:

"Do you believe that Abdomen Dancers in developing all the venter musculuses and bouncing all the cells in that part of the organic structure would spur on what many phone call "Their Intestine Instinct" that is to state would abdomen dance addition "intuition" abilities in dancers?" We also asked; "If so why? What have got you discovered? Bash you acquire a runner's endorphin high feeling of well being?"

It was reasoned by the Professional Abdomen Dancer; the point that in history professional dancers were set into places to dance as undercover agents and usage seduction to act upon and intuition to accumulate intelligence. Are there more than to this story? The historical record shows Hypatia, the ancient philosopher was the most intelligent adult female ever born. The professional Abdomen Dancers decision is that abdomen professional dancers were instinctive, as it looks this is the lawsuit from the historical record.

A Dancer looks to have got powerfulness over the work force and often bids a room as celebrated by the professional abdomen dancer. So, do you believe they make a connexion with them in such as a manner that the professional dancer can read their ideas and not just their obvious 1s as the chemicals in their encephalons are turned towards their innate tendencies? Intuitively cognize other penetrations into their minds? How deep make the powerfulnesses of a professional abdomen professional dancer go? She would not tell, but looks to throw the keys. Think on this.