Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spectacular UFO Encounters Have Occurred This Year and Continue to Happen

After a twelvemonth of talking about unidentified aircraft clangs in Socialist Republic Of Vietnam and the USA, record-setting harvest circle appearances, and UFOs appearing over major metropolises and little rural countries to 10s of one thousands of witnessers worldwide, it should be no surprise that these sightings are continuing and growing in intensity. A good illustration is a recent series of brushes over Lone-Star State and Northern Indiana.

When the unidentified flying object sightings in Erath County, Texas, first gained national mass media exposure, I predicted that we had just seen the beginning of these events and clip have proven me correct. Apart from the original and very public Stephenville and Dublin, Texas, sightings in January, many more than have got got occurred since that clip and UFOs have really begun to do a rejoinder in the country during the past two months.

A new series of unidentified flying object sightings began in Erath County in October of 2008. Respective included good picture and cell telephone photos. These pale in comparing to an brush which occurred on November 18, 2008. Michael Corn, 27, lives near Highway 377 Business and U.S. Highway 281. Some friends called him outside at around 7:15pmto witnesser something odd. The grouping saw a unusual physical physical object in the sou'-west sky in the way of Dublin, Texas, where a figure of unidentified flying object sightings have got occurred.

Corn, a former member of the U.S. Army assigned to a Patriot Missile Unit Of Measurement from 2003 to 2006, said that he and his friends saw a brightly lit, orange-colored, round object that was hovering in the sky over Stephenville. He commented, "It looked really fold to Stephenville like it was almost over the courthouse." Corn also said that the physical object had visible lights that appeared to pulsation from right to left. According to Michael Corn, most anyone outside would have got noticed the UFO.

"There is no manner you could be outside and expression up in the sky and not detect this thing," Michael said. "It was just weird." After watching it for about 15 seconds, Corn and his friends said that it disappeared without making any sounds. "It just vanished," he said. Convinced it was probably not some kind of experimental plane, misidentified aircraft or secret authorities undertaking being tested in that area, Corn said, "It was very unnerving... you can't come up up with a sensible account for what it was."

Among the witnessers to this unusual event was Ashley Couch, Michael Corn's girlfriend. When asked what she saw, Ashley commented, "It reminded me of a carrousel lying over on its side... I don't believe a one-fourth would have got covered up the visible lights if I held one up screening it from where I was. I believe they were bigger than that." Another perceiver that was not apart of the grouping outside Corn's place saw the physical object from the point of view of the intersection point of U.S. Hwy 281 and North Loop. She was traveling North in a auto with her fellow when he noticed it.

"He asked me if I saw those eldritch lights," the female witnesser who wishes to stay anonymous said. "But, I hadn't noticed anything." While fillet to acquire gas at a Shell station near the intersection, another adult male asked them if they saw the unusual lights. "He said he was a airplane pilot and after my fellow had just asked me about the lights, so that got my attention," she said. After entering back into traffic on the loop, the couple had a clear position of the object.

The female witnesser described what she and her fellow saw: "It was coming down at a flimsy angle - slowly - it had a bright large light, a steady visible visible light and a blinking light for a sum of three. One was reddish and maybe that was the 1 that was blinking...I'm not sure." Almost stopping in the center of the route for a better look, the couple watched the unidentified flying object intently.

"It pivoted to our left side, maybe 50 paces away and 75 paces up in the air," she said. "It looked almost like it was hovering. The visible lights were so bright it was difficult to see the shape, but the underside looked a Ag grey color." After finally continuing on and passing the object, the couple became funny about what the physical physical object might be. "We turned around and went back to the Shell station," the female witnesser said.

"There we saw it again, but this clip it was on our right moving left across in presence of us," she said. "It turned again and looked like it was about to halt and went back the other way. It went back in the way from which it had come. It looked like if it were going to set down it was going to set down on the highway. The visible lights were so bright it was almost difficult to look at it. I believe it might have got been Colonel Blimp shaped and about the size of two school buses. It was difficult to tell... These weren't some sort of flares, I've seen what they look like."

Whatever the couple saw, they were certain it wasn't something conventional or easy to identify. "When Iodine believe of something unidentified I don't believe of small greenness men," she said indicating that it might have got been some top secret diagnostic test vehicle. "We were a small spot frightened," she continued. "Until you see something like that you don't really understand. I've made merriment of people for seeing material like that and now I saw it."

After a figure of phone calls came into local law enforcement, they commented that a few people said that military flares had been dropped in the Brownwood Military Operating Area (an country reserved for military aircraft preparation exercises) just anterior to 7 p.m. However, the unidentified flying physical object sightings occurred after that and were not consistent with what most people would depict as flares.

It's also prudent to advert that a similar object described as a disc-shaped craft that remained stationary in the sky and had orange visible lights on it was seen on October 23, 2008, around eight o'clock by numerous witnessers during a junior varsity football game game at Tiger Stadium in Hico, Texas. Cub Morrow, a sophomore, was running the down marker iron on the visitant side of the field when he saw a big physical physical object in the sky beyond the bowl fourth estate box.

Sonny said it was too dark to detect much detail, but the thing had two rows of orange visible lights which appeared to be on a round object which hovered above the country where the game was being played. "It was dark, but you could see three visible visible lights on one side and when they went around you could see the other three lights. It was whirling like a Frisbee," Morrow said. He watched the physical object for about seven or eight seconds, then it disappeared.

Elaborating on what he saw, Cub said, "It was large and pretty far away. It wasn't hovering over the bowl or anything, it was pretty far back. This was about in the 3rd one-fourth some time, because it was already dark. The referee saw it and asked, 'Did you see that?' Then the referee asked, 'Did you see that last play?' because we were watching the UFO. They blew the whistle and I had to change the down marker, and when I looked back up it was gone. But a minute or two future it showed up again for a few seconds, then it just disappeared, like it had turned the visible lights off."

After respective photographs and some picture taken of the unidentified flying object during the game ran on a Foot Worth television News broadcast, Air Military Unit functionaries from the Naval Air Station Joint Modesty Base in Garrison Worth said they had seven F-16s from the 457th combatant squadron in the Brownwood country for preparation trading operations on that nighttime between nine and 10 o'clock. The illation was that what people were seeing was jets, but there is no manner that the presence of military aircraft could account for the unidentified flying object sighting. If the blue blue jets were there, it was to chase after the unidentified flying physical object and some who saw the object come up in from additional South state that's exactly what happened.

D'Ann Sir Mortimer Wheeler was one of the witnessers who saw the unidentified flying object and military jets around the same clip as those observation the game at Tiger Stadium. Her sighting occurred two and a one-half statute miles south of Hico, just off Highway. 281. She was looking towards the northwest when she saw the unidentified flying object between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Sir Mortimer Wheeler said, "There were two thumping sets of lights, bright orange. Two sets of lights, perpendicular like. I intend if you'd set a barroom between them it would look like an H. They stayed in one spot. First, I saw six or seven jets, flying in formation. But this thing with two sets of visible lights was so much bigger than any of those aircraft. Then all of a sudden, it just vanished, and all of these blue blue jets congregated over in one area."

D'Ann described what happened next: "After about 10 minutes, the visible lights came back on and the jets scrambled back to that site. I watched it for a least minute both times. The visible lights didn't wing off. They just disappeared... They weren't anything like military flares like some people are saying. I've seen those and these were different." A friend that was traveling with her also saw what happened, as did respective other witnessers in the area. All were convinced that the blue jets were attempting to follow or intercept the UFO.

As if all this weren't enough, similar incidents look to be occurring again in the country of Northern Hoosier State where UFOs were seen this past year. The earlier sightings involved loud noises, cryptic falling debris, a possible Earth shudder and military blue jets chases. The up-to-the-minute brushes occurred just a hebdomad ago. Beth and Gary of Kokomo, Indiana, sent this business relationship to me:

"My fiancé and I were driving southbound on 31 South about 6:30 Prime Minister on Sunday, November 16, 2008. We noticed a very bright visible light in the southern sky, about 5 statute miles in presence of us. At first, we thought it was a chopper hovering in the sky, but as we went additional south, we noticed that we were getting near to the object, and that it was NOT a helicopter. It was very bright, and there was no sound coming from it."

"As we approached the visible visible light at 31 South and 26 East (400 South), a 2nd light appeared just to the left of the first one. We turned the corner, and got to our driveway, about 2 statute miles away from lights. The first visible light disappeared when we exited our vehicle. We noticed a 3rd visible light that appeared just left of the 2nd one. The visible visible lights remained in the sky, fading dim to bright, for about 15 minutes."

"There were no stars in the sky, because of the clouds, but the clouds had no consequence on the lights, as they were behind the objects. Sometimes, when the visible visible lights became very bright, I could also see reddish and bluish (or greenish) lights flashing on the objects. After about 15 proceedings of watching this event, they just vanished. We have got seen this event many modern times before from our dorsum yard."

"We cognize these are not Air Military Unit flares, because usually the nighttime after we witnesser these events, we see the blue jets shooting off flares in about the same location as the sightings. There is no opportunity we are mistaking these physical objects for flares. Flares make not sit down still for 15 proceedings fading to dim then getting VERY bright again."

With similar sightings occurring regularly in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world, UFOs are again proving that they are a planetary phenomenon. It's unlikely that so many similar events could go on in so many topographic points and end up being merely misidentified aircraft, military exercisings or the testing of some super-secret aerial device. In fact, UFOs have got got exhibited the same behaviours on a planetary scale of measurement for as long as people have kept records of such as things.