Friday, August 31, 2007

Are We All Mutants?

I recently read a wonderful, Negro spiritual and informative book by Marlo Morgan, entitled "Mutant Message Down Under".

While the narrative is technically classified as fiction, it was done so because she would not supply existent names, locations and other information about the Aboriginals she traveled with for four calendar months as they did a "Walkabout" in the Australian Outback.

The mental image you see here is, Uluru, now called Ayers Rock but was once a sacred Aborigine land site for the assemblage of the nations. All the art, historical carvings and relics have got been removed. The Graves were robbed and the communion tables stripped bare.

This is a 50,000 twelvemonth civilization and these people have got a position that have much to learn us "Mutants". We are called Mutants not because they believe we are mutants in the sense that we are abnormal, but because we have got moved away from our connexion with the Godhead Oneness. They, on the other manus have got retained that connexion and phone call themselves the Real People.

Because of this connection, they understand "How long is forever" better than us. They oppugn why we strap clip to our organic structures and measurement it in footing of "today" without respect to tomorrow.

They see us as being attached to our ownerships which cuts us off from the Godhead Oneness, so the demand for her approaching on the Walkabout was to fire all of her ownerships including her expensive outfit and diamond watch.

Ms Morgan, a physician, states the narrative of a patient who was in her business office for a nervous disorder. It looks the cause for her patient's upset was the emphasis she was suffering because her coverage had been canceled on her very, very expensive diamond necklace. The lady was having a sham made so she could have on it to a expansive mathematical function in topographic point of the uninsured existent diamonds. But she was very apprehensive about the whole ordeal and was a nervous wreck worrying if it would be ready in clip for her to wear. Her diamonds, these things of huge beauty and for which she desired so desperately, brought her no deep and personal joy; they simply had fiscal value.

In contrast, once on the Walkabout a miss establish a flower and wore it around her cervix as a necklace of beauty. All the grouping made certain they came to her and told her how beautiful she looked with it on and how much they enjoyed her wearing it. She glowed with the love shown to her and with grasp of the beauty of the flower. At the end of the day, she placed it on the sand to go back to where it had come up from and she was joyous in her grasp for all the good it had brought her. When you look at these two stories, you have got to inquire what was and where was the existent treasure?

The Real People make not lie, steal or pattern conditional love, so their connexion stays integral and they are able to pass on telepathically. Mutants have got used words so much to lie and lead on that we are not unfastened to each other, so much so, that this ability have left us. The Real People don't discriminating because they believe we all started out with the same tegument colour and see "games" that have got a victor and also-ran as not games. Games are to advance joyousness and show the love that come ups from the Godhead Oneness.

We Mutants have got four characteristics. No longer can we dwell out in the open. We have got got got forgotten what it experiences like to stand up bare in the rainfall and cognize that we will be provided for each twenty-four hours in connexion to all of life.

We don't have good digestive systems because everything we eat must be pulverized and processed.

We have limited apprehension because we understand clip only through ourselves, not with the apprehension of "Forever".

But the large difference is that we run from a core of Fear. We endanger our children, other countries, demand prisons, police force and all of our security is based on the response to fear. The Real People have got no fear. Fear is animalistic. But, if we really knew and understood that the existence is not a haphazard event but is an unfolding plan, then you cannot have got fear. Things, they think, bring forth fearfulness and the more than than things you have got got the more you have to fear. Until eventually, you are living your life for things.

We have got forgotten to aftermath up thankful and to transport it with us all day, for the full day?

At birth, each kid hears the same message, "We love you and support you on the journey". And that is how they look at life: as a journeying that starts and ends with love and is connected to love throughout.

The word "Mutant" is more than of a state of bosom and head, not colour or a person. It is an mental attitude of person that have closed off or lost ancient memories and cosmopolitan truths.

When success is something that tin only be measured in things, depository financial institution business relationships and diamonds, it can be very hollow. There are keys to achieving success, and joyousness for doing what it is you are doing is one of them. The most of import 1 really.

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And allow us all go a small less "Mutant".

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