Monday, September 10, 2007

Comments on Frequency and The Bio System

Not long ago a immense argument of epic poem proportionalities erupted at the Online Think Tank as to the dangers of frequence pollution and the absolute advantages on the human bio-system. Well, here is how the conversation went:

What are your ideas of yoke musculus memory with vibrational sound energy or music assists? Any thoughts, some Martial people pattern to classical music, make you make this? What is your work out scheme in this regard?

I have got been known to work out to my favourite songs while practicing Martial arts, I happen it easier to remain focused and larn new moves and registry those techniques. I believe that music assists in learning in many countries of human endeavor, what else have got you considered?

My ideas are after reading a book by Alice Paul Moyer interviewing some 25 superstars of humanity, it looks that music looks to assist human heads grip higher mathematics more easily. It also looks judging from Think Tankers that those who have got musical backgrounds to some grade are better at maths than many others are. If we look at the 100 top people of our Century, I see a similarity of sorts. This subject have got research document to endorse it up, what have you considered beyond such as research?

Well here is a thought, about some of the drawbacks and one engineering that could be debatable perhaps a possible cause for the additions in autism? The more than powerful 3D untra-sounds now being used look to be something I am concerned about with pre-born humans. Frequency pollution will be an issue in the hereafter as much or more than than air pollution from particles, is something that I am looking at. Vibrational energy disrupted at the cell degree is an issue, even high frequence low pressure powerfulness can be an issue and the canceling personal effects too.

Human promotions and playing around without knowing is a problem, that makes not intend we should not larn and seek or do efforts at forward progression leapings in technology, but it intends we necessitate to utilize utmost cautiousness as well. The inquiry of "would we change if we knew" is of involvement and with all engineering there is a hazard and sometimes the hazards look to outweigh the additions - for instance; cars and 40,000 who decease each twelvemonth on America's highways.

Indeed, I have got pondered this very point many times; I believe the Swiss Cell Telephone research and burying of the determinations and modifying the reply is telling - too, now that 3G Radio is less power, maybe the Microwave cookery of the encephalons is not an issue anymore, but it will be for person with 1,000 proceedings per calendar month perhaps?

Just because this or that other thing haps in rats makes not intend it will in all lawsuits go on with world and just because it doesn't ache rats makes not intend it is not an issue to humans. The sum possibility and electric switches in all the DNA, including what we name "Junk DNA" is there still and can be turned off and on. Desire Gils to swim underwater, we have got debris deoxyribonucleic acid to make it happen, how bad do you desire it to be so? How much are you willing to pass in research, it is all possible, and so here we travel into the future.

Autism looks to be very prevailing indeed and unfortunately for many households this load is increasing at an alarming rate. Could it be portion of a human encephalon development or combination, if so maybe we should handle these children with a much different scenario, and supply them with proper encephalon forming nutrients and let the slower procedure to travel its course of study while protecting them.

Perhaps we should contrive machines for their parents and friends to direct encephalon moving ridges and accumulate them so everyone can pass on together. We have got these engineerings now, it may not be the autistic children that demand the assistance, rather the remainder of us necessitate aid in communicating with them; while assisting in getting them what they necessitate to let their organic encephalons to work their way. Thinking out loud on this, because I have got got given a considerable amount of idea to this subject, as some of these children have abilities that are pretty evident and they make not larn the same way.

What are your ideas on the up-to-the-minute research proving that certain vibrational frequence and music can toss deoxyribonucleic acid electric switches in plants? That is a important determination indeed, what makes this mean value for a kid on blame Music or a the adjacent Albert Einstein hearing to Classical in pre-school. Ah, the subject of vibrational frequence and the human bio-system runs deep. Sincerely, Lance.

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