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UFO Crashes in Mexico

During the summertime of 1974, important events were taking place. On August 5th, United States Congress placed a pecuniary bounds on assistance to the military in Vietnam. On August 8th, the scandal-ridden Richard Nixon presidential term ended with Richard Nixon offering his resignation. On August 9th, he resigned and Gerald John Ford became the 38th President of the United States. On August 15th, the First Lady of South Korean Peninsula was killed in an tryst effort on her husband, President Park Chung Hee. On the nighttime of August 25th, an event of cataclysmic proportionalities occurred that few were aware of then. A unidentified flying object crashed in Mexico, resulting in the deceases of the Mexican soldiers who attempted to recover it.

So much in the survey of UFOs (Ufology) and Alien Abductees (Abductology) is forced, by the nature of the beast, to trust on the narratives of eyewitness accounts. This tin be a very good thing or a very bad thing, depending on the credibleness of the account, the witness, and if the narrative can be corroborated by further witnesses. Mass daytime sightings by tons of people look to offer the most credibility. These mass-sighting events cannot be so easily debunked although the "mass hallucination" label is resorted to when the unreasonable accounts that the perceivers saw the planet Venus, drench gas, or weather condition balloons won't work for the ever-insulting-our-intelligence Federal Soldier Government.

This event took topographic point in a small Mexican town not too far from the Mexican-American border. It is in the State of Chihuahua in an country where many Mexican hunting partisans love to Hunt deer. The town is in the northern portion of the state. It is so distant that it is not recorded on some maps. The town have about 2,500 people and have been described as a composure and peaceful topographic point in which to live. It have no metropolis archives, no 1 records history, but as in the years of old, unwritten tradition still reigns as the beginning of information. Realizing this and the prejudice involved, I believe it is still a narrative worth telling.

On the nighttime of August 25, 1974, the United State's Air System detected an physical object at 75,000 feet over the Gulf of United Mexican States and coming in at 2,500 statute miles per hour. It was believed that at this course of study and speed, it would come up into U.S. Airspace somewhere over Texas. As the U.S. government tracked this object, it began "stepping down." This kind of manoeuvre Marks a tracked physical physical object as something intelligently controlled rather than being some natural phenomena like a meteor. Whereas a shooting star would have got a somewhat curved trajectory, the tracked physical object leveled off first at 45,000 feet, then at 20,000 feet, staying at each stepped-down flat for five proceedings and deceleration down to 1,900 statute miles per hour. The deceleration down of the object, the "stepping down" in the altitude, and the ultimate turning from entering Lone-Star State and into United Mexican States was a mark of an intelligently-controlled aircraft.

The U.S. government continued tracking the physical physical object until it went below the radar's scope capacity. It was believed the trade either crashed or landed somewhere in the inside of United Mexican States in the State of Chihuahua.

Almost an hr after losing microwave radar contact with the craft, another study came in of a downed civilian airplane that had originated from Elevation Paso, Texas, and was headed to United Mexican States City. The flight way apparently, according to the story, intersected with the way of the unusual trade arriving from over the Gulf of Mexico.

Hours later, the Mexican authorities issued a military response to happen the downed civilian aircraft. They indeed establish it in the Chihuahua desert. However, about two statute miles from the destroyed little prop up airplane was another aircraft that didn't look as though it had tellurian origins. The soldiers, it is alleged, establish a slightly damaged disc-shaped craft. They radioed this information to their commanders, whereupon an order was issued for radiocommunication silence. However, person was listening.

The ever-noisy eavesdroppers of the Western World, the CIA, were having a small listen to the communication theory between the Mexican field soldiers and their field command.

The U.S. scrambled a military response squad and issued their usual and typical, "Oh-Can't-We-Come-And-Help" offer. This, in Central Intelligence Agency cant really means, "Oh-Can't-We-Come-And-Take-Total-Control" offer.

The Mexican military, with no experience in recovering downed spaceships, refused the U.S. offer. Perhaps they ended up wishing they had since the U.S. had a cloak-and-dagger repute of dealing with this kind of crisis and United Mexican States did not. What would go on would be shocking, and I am certain unexpected, on the portion of the Mexican government.

The Central Intelligence Agency and whatever other intelligence groupings were involved would not be left out of the loop. They must have got aimed their super-spook artificial satellites on the recovery country and saw that there were two clangs and two recoveries. The phonograph record was loaded onto a motortruck and a convoy headed back to base. However, later spying showed that the convoy had stopped suddenly in the desert. All radiocommunication traffic also came to a sudden halt. Spy photographs showed not only that the motortrucks stopped in the desert but also that the motortruck doors were unfastened and there were organic structures on the desert flooring outside the trucks.

Some studies aver the Mexican authorities then requested aid from the U.S. military. Some say that the Feds sent in the military personnel without a solicitation for help. I rather believe it was the former.

Dressed in gear wheel indicating that the U.S. was more than than experienced and equipt to protect themselves, the American military did come up into the scene. It is alleged they establish all of the Mexican soldiers dead. Some still sitting in their vehicles. The unidentified flying object was carried away with a Sea Stallion, a chopper used for carrying heavy tons via cablegrams and straps. The remaining organic structures of the Mexican soldiers, the crashed civilian prop up airplane debris, and remaining convoy motortrucks were wired with explosives. The U.S. armed forces blew them up and allow the grounds fire into the desert sand.

The downed phonograph record was whisked away to some unrevealed U.S. location. The existent cause of decease of the Mexican soldiers is not known and will, of course, never be known.

There are no FAA written documents recording the clang of the civilian plane. I am certain the American creeps did what they make very well in lawsuits like this-Full Erasure.

No 1 in the Mexican or American authorities will deny or corroborate this event. This is also what authorities make best in lawsuits like this-Full Denial.

In this case, and the one thousands of others, inside information will never come up to illume and we will never cognize the truth unless those in the cognize perpetrate to what they should morally and ethically make in lawsuits like this-Full Disclosure.

WE THE people have got the right to know!

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