Wednesday, February 20, 2008

University of Pune - Meditative Getaways

The University of Pune is situated amid clean and greenish milieu which supply for a great environment contributing to learning. Students can actually trust to pass quiet and meditative minutes in the peaceful cover of verdure all over and around the campus. Apart from this, there are a figure of topographic points that offering a welcome interruption from surveys at the same clip providing a Negro spiritual rejuvenation.

Here's an overview:

• Sarasbaug temple: The Sarasbaug temple have three graven images of Godhead Siddhivinayak - the God who is believed to happen wishings into reality. One can easily acquire to the temple by autobus or jinrikisha as it is right at the Centre of the city.

• Temples on Anapurna Hill: Situated at a tallness of 2100 feet above the sea level, the Anapurna Hill is a 1 of the most picturesque locations in Pune. The countless temples on the hill offering dramatic bird's-eye positions of the metropolis apart from being much-thronged topographic points of worship.

• Alandi Temples: The temples at Alandi represent a Centre of pilgrim's journey for one thousands of fans every year. The temples are located on the Banks of the river called Indrayani wherein the ghats are quite beautiful.

• Kasba Ganpati: This is a temple dedicated to Godhead Ganesa - the God in Hindoo mythology who have the organic structure of a adult male but the caput of an elephant. The first Ganpati of honor is Kasba Ganpati in the state of Pune.

• Osho International Meditation Resort: Situated in the Koregaon Park, Osho International Meditation Resort is a blend of tradition and modernness into a meditative oasis amid the rat-race of modern twenty-four hours living. People from all over the human race converge at this peaceful vacation spot which is a great topographic point to loosen up your body, head and soul.

There are many more than land sites (and sights!) in Pune that are a banquet for the soul. The metropolis offerings a complete educational experience, in all ways that there can be.

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