Thursday, September 4, 2008

Augustana College - Learn About Its Facts

Augustana College is situated in Illinois, one of the beautiful states of US. It is a broad humanistic discipline and scientific discipline college. Swedish colonists started the College in 1860. The college is associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The college offerings unmarried man grade of humanistic discipline and science, pre- professional person programmes like law, medicine, and veterinary medicine. The ratio of pupil and instructor is 13:1 in this college. It supplies good campus installations for their students. It is the chief attractive force of Augustana College. It supplies hostelry installations for pupils and faculty. It also supplies international and domestic survey opportunities. It also gives up-to-the-minute engineerings and equipments. It offers good survey environment for their students.

Swenson centre is a center, which is located in Augustana College. This Swenson centre is a national archives and research institute. This Swenson centre includes all the information for the survey of Swedish in-migration to North America. It also offers library installations for their pupils and their faculties.

In this competitory human race every people should be so skilled. The College set ups their pupils to take leading and to lend their services to this competitory world. It offers big per centum of the pupil to take part in assorted humanistic discipline programs. These humanistic discipline programmes are conducted by the College. It also back ups to heighten the endowments of all the pupils and also back ups them in other curricular activities. It incorporates so many other characteristics and installations for its students. This college have a museum and a planetarium. The name of the museum is Fryxell Geology Museum it is named after Fritiof Fryxell. The museum have immense aggregations of rocks, minerals and fossils. The name of the planetarium is Toilet John Deere Planetarium. The Fryxell Geology museum, and Toilet John Deere planetarium assists in enhancing the cognition of all the students. It have an first-class library, which assists the pupils and mental faculties of the college in their surveys and references. The name of library is Seth Thomas Tredway Library. The Seth Thomas Tredway library of the college have won the "Excellence in Academician Libraries Award" in 2006. It have a music grouping on campus, which is for students. The name of music grouping is Augustana Symphony Orchestra. The music grouping is started on 1875. The pupils of Augustana College executes music concerts in fine art festivals.

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