Friday, March 27, 2009

Sixth Chakra - The Brow Chakra

Today Iodine shall discourse about the Sixth Chakra, or Ajna Chakra or Brow Chakra. It is situated just above the nose, between the eyebrows. Famously known as the Third Eye. It is linked to the pituitary secretory organ gland and associated with the component Space or Ether. The Sixth Chakra stands for vision of life, self-knowledge, the ability to discern, originative imagination, lucidity and unity.

The 3rd oculus is the place of all the procedures to make with expanding consciousness. Its activity enables us to make new situations, new worlds in the physical and stuff world, and also to resolve old worlds because they have got go obsolete, irrelevant. However, for the huge majority, this procedure is automatic and takes topographic point without any witting intervention. Most of the ideas determining our lives are ruled by our stiff emotional conditioning and programmed by our ain judgements and prejudices, along with those of other people.

Our intellect, our mind, is not always the master, but often a slave to our emotion-riddled thoughts over which we only have got minimum control. However, these ideas go realities, in the true sense, in our lives, because what we undergo externally is always just a manifestation, in the end, of our subjective internal reality.

By expanding consciousness and gradually opening the 3rd eye, the human goes increasingly capable of controlling this procedure of raising an thought or desire. Cardinal cognition gets via intuition, second sight and all other word forms of extra-sensory perception. So things that were only sensed very vaguely before, now go clear and precise perceptions.

It is said that if your Brow Chakra is unfastened and fully developed (very few people have got got this condition), you definitely have a great capacity for visual image and you understand many things intuitively. Your mind, your mind can concentrate easily and at the same clip stay unfastened to all the mystical truths.

Also you go more than than and more aware that the seeable facets of things are only an image, a symbol through which the Negro spiritual component is manifested down on the stuff plane. Your head is full of idealism and imagination. You may realize, from clip to time, that your thoughts are being realized spontaneously.

The more than than than your Third Eye develops, the more your head pulls on direct interior cognition of reality, the more you are guided by a dependable intuition. Your perceptual experience of the human race alterations completely. You interrupt the narrow boundary of the rational head and your spontaneously incorporate all the information you pick up into your monetary fund of knowledge. The stuff human race goes crystalline to you. Your other centripetal perceptual experience lets you to directly see the military units at work behind the frontage of appearances. Your intuition and your interior vision give you entree to all the elusive airplanes of reality.

What haps if the Brow Chakra is not balanced?

Inharmonious operation may take to a bloated caput significance that the individual is living almost entirely through their mind and their reason. But in wanting to work out everything through their mind, they only accept the worlds conveyed to them by rational thought. Such people are very likely to have got highly developed intellectual mental faculties and to be endowed with a capacity for elaborate analysis. However they miss a broad, planetary vision and the ability to suit everything into a broad cosmic context.

It's not unusual for such as people to expose intellectual arrogance. They only admit factors that tin be grasped by the head and verified using scientific methods. They reject Negro spiritual cognition because it is not scientific, not real. They be given to seek to act upon people and things using the military unit of the mind, to show powerfulness or to fulfill personal egoistic needs.

So in general, an mental attitude like this cooccurs with an unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra and a poorly developed Heart Chakra. If in malice of a few blockages, the Third Eye is relatively open, such as actions are always possible, but they are definitely not in harmoniousness with the natural flowing of life. The individual experiences isolated, and in the long run, doesn't derive the expected satisfaction.

If the flowing of energies is stopped at the Brow Chakra, the human race in which people dwell is no longer that of the seeable outside world. Their lives go entirely dominated by stuff desires, physical demands and irrational emotions. Discussions of a Negro spiritual nature looks boring and pointless. They reject Negro spiritual worlds because they believe they are just merchandises of the imaginativeness or empty and unreasonable phantasies with no practical connection. Their ideas be given to hold with prevailing opinions. They can fall into a profound nihilism which stems from their failure to recognize their expansive thoughts and aspirations. They always acquire themselves into this state of affairs and it's the not human race or other people who are the blame.

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